Beginner Real Estate Investor

Immediate Action Plan

What Is The Best Real Estate Investing Model For You

And The Required Steps Needed To Get Started Now

Have You Ever Wanted To

- Fix n' Flip ?

- Own Rentals ?

- Wholesale ?

This course is for beginners who want to get into real estate investing without having to pay those nasty expensive guru prices.

You will learn affordable and effective methods along with fundamentals of each different strategy so you can take off right away.

We start with the basics: the top strategies in single family real estate investing and which direction fits you best. Then we go into depth on how to get started and move your dreams of real estate investing into a new real life every day reality.

By the end of this course, you’ll not only have a working knowledge of basic real estate investing and know your best path to take, but you will be able to take action immediately and feel prepared while taking your business to the next level.

Here are a couple key things You’ll Learn…

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real estate investing Strategy breakdown

So that you can focus what works best for you while not breaking the bank on some super expensive course.

How to Start generating leads super fast

So that you have a pipeline full of properties to review and consider for your strategy of choice

How to build your network fast & get connected

So that you can learn faster and push towards that first deal and beyond.

and much more.....

Main Course Breakdown

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REal estate investing strategies for beginners & which path is best for you to get started now

Welcome! I’ll introduce myself and almost immediately move into "Who Are You" by learning and focuing on which strategy fits your goals and plan best.

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setup your business and be ready to take action

Basic low-cost and free methods to setting up your business. Minimal requirements to getting your feet wet and starting. Same Day results from a path of least resistence.

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you have some direction it's time to get out and start building momentum today

What you can do on Day 1 to get some kind of results. Immediate action will produce an outcome and begin building momentum. Day 2, 3, 4 & 5 to keep you moving in the right direction.

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60 Day Action plan to keep pushing forward while you grow into your new real estate business

How to keep benefits from this course and continue moving forward in the right direction while producing results. Overcome road blocks that may come along the way. (Marketing, Team Building, Follow Up, Expansion, Improve)

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Bonus: property Evaluation form

This simple evaluation form can help you track your leads as needed while getting started. Don't waste a bunch on money on learning some software until you really need it.

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Are You Ready to Start Your

real estate investing business?

Take the first step toward becoming a more confident

Real Estate Investor with this immediate action plan course.

Get Unlimited Access to All Lessons

Bonus Downloads & More...

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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

I’m so confident that this course will give you the understanding of the different real estate investing models and direction you need personally to get started that I am giving you a 30 Day No-Risk Guarantee just for giving it a try. If you don’t feel like these lessons are working out for you, simply request a full refund. No questions asked.

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About The Instructor

My name is Country. I am a Midwest man who loves my family, business and helping others. I am a full time real estate investor here in my market area. Over the last 11+ years of being involved in real estate I have completed hundreds of transactions from wholesale, fix n’ flips, rentals and more...

The primary goal of this course is to impact as many lives as I possibly can by giving back and sharing all the knowledge that I have aquired over the years. It breaks my heart to hear about some of the CRAZY EXPENSIVE coaching people have spent their hard earned money on, so I try to give give give and barely charge for it. I only charge a fraction so I can afford to do it full time. I truly enjoy helping others as much as I can by sharing what I know.

I appreciate you taking the time to read about me and only hope I get the privilege of helping you in the near future.

Stay Well Friends

God Bless You!




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